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The "THAILAND PAVILION" is officially unveiled at Horecava

Aangeboden door: Horecava
maandag, 20 november 2023

The “THAILAND PAVILION” is officially unveiled in at “HORECAVA 2024” – which runs from January 8 to 11, 2024 at Hall 8, Booth No. 08.315, RAI Amsterdam. Thai Trade Center, The Hague, Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, THAILAND joins to organize special activities. At the “THAILAND PAVILION”, there will be Thai Products Showcase displaying Thai food products and ingredients as well as Thai beverages. There will also be an all-day Thai Cuisine Cooking Demo with authentic Thai flavors by Thai chefs from the Thai SELECT restaurant simulator for the attendees visiting the THAILAND PAVILION to enjoy an experience and be amazed by the authentic Thai taste. THAILAND PAVILION will showcase Thailand's capabilities and readiness to be the Kitchen of the World.

THAI SELECT: The Trusted Stamp of Authentic Thai Taste

Thai food has rapidly grown in popularity, winning the hearts of discerning diners around the world. Thanks to the abundance of natural resources and an invaluable culinary heritage, Thai cuisine today is celebrated as one of the world’s most memorable dining experiences. Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, has therefore initiated the Thai SELECT logo to certify and promote authentic Thai cuisine, both Thai restaurants and ready-to-eat processed Thai food, around the world, as well as to encourage Thai restaurateurs and food producers to maintain their high standard.

Department of International Trade Promotion has awarded Thai SELECT for 2 Clusters; Thai Restaurants and Thai food Products.

Thai SELECT Signature

Granted to restaurants that serve authentic Thai food with a taste of premium quality, refined decoration, and excellent service. The restaurants bearing this symbol well present outstanding Thai culinary image and the unique character of Thai food.



Thai SELECT Classic

Awarded to Thai restaurants of excellent quality. The Thai foods offered have standard taste with considerably good service.




Thai SELECT Casual

Given to Thai restaurants offering Thai foods with Thai taste but have limited services. They vary from simple setups that are small in size, offering convenience to diners such as fast food restaurants or food outlets at a food court, to restaurants with limited or no seating, including food trucks or food stalls.



Thai SELECT Products

Given to Thai food products such as instant Thai curries, condiments, and Thai desserts that have been prepared in the traditional and authentic Thai style, are easily recognizable as Thai food, possess world-class standard packaging and still maintain good quality when they reach consumers. The award also indicates product quality that meet international standard.



Look for authentic Thai taste, look for Thai restaurants with Thai SELECT logo by downloading Thai SELECT application. For more information, come visit us at the “THAILAND PAVILION” at HORECAVA 2024, Hall 8, Booth No. 08.315.

Thai Trade Center, The Hague

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