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Sabert launches recyclable and sustainable paper cutlery range

Aangeboden door: Sabert
maandag, 24 april 2023

Global food packaging manufacturer Sabert has launched a new range of recyclable paper cutlery, made from FSC® certified paper.

“This new recyclable paper cutlery range is a remarkable innovation on the market, as it combines sustainability, excellent recyclability and outstanding performance,” says Sabert Europe Marketing and Innovation Manager, Gisèle Nonnweiler. “The challenge was to develop sustainable cutlery made from paper, which is strong, robust, and performs well with stiffness and cut quality when used with hot or cold foods.

There are many non-plastic alternatives on the market, but it is a challenge to find an alternative that combines: rigidity; good cut quality; a pleasant mouth sensation; and does not adversely affect the taste of food.

“We invested heavily in R&D in order to develop this new paper cutlery range which delivers high performance in terms of rigidity, cut quality and resistance. The resulting innovation – which is owned and patented by Sabert – is so effective that our new paper cutlery’s performance is very close to plastic cutlery.”

Sustainable solution

Sabert’s new patented recyclable paper cutlery range is made from paper produced from sustainable forestry and has full FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) chain of custody accreditations. Made from 100% virgin cellulose, the cutlery is fully recyclable in the paper waste stream.

With over 30 years in the packaging and foodservice industry, Sabert specialises in manufacturing and marketing innovative food packaging, disposable high-quality tableware and recyclable food packaging and tableware. Sabert has implemented a number of measures which demonstrate its deep commitment to protecting the environment. Recycling of 100% of production waste, the use of green energy and investments in production tools that use less energy, optimisation of stacking to increase storage and transport space and much more. But it is the emphasis on developing increasingly sustainable packaging for the food industry for which Sabert is best known.

“Sabert has built on its commitment to quality by continuously investing in sustainable innovation to answer consumer demand for packaging solutions that are functional, safe, and recyclable,” says Gisèle. “Our new paper cutlery range delivers on our sustainability criteria while also being stylish, practical and with that all important great mouth-feel.”

The new recyclable paper cutlery range, which includes a 17cm knife, fork and spoon, plus a 13cm spoon.