Upprinting Food V.O.F.

Founded by Elzelinde van Doleweerd, Upprinting Food has since grown to a team that works on sustainability, food, tech and design.

Giving food waste a second taste

Worldwide one-third of the food produced is wasted. The most wasted food product in the Netherlands is bread. Next to that, vegetables and fruit are often thrown away, because e.g. they are too ugly or too ripe to be sold. Upprinting Food is a way to use residual food flows and create delicious-tasting and looking foods.

By blending and combining the different ingredients from residual food flows, purees are created, which then are being 3D printed by a food printer. These prints are baked and dehydrated for crunch and longevity. We currently have created several recipes, both bread, and rice-based, and we are working to create new recipes all the time. We are focusing on collaborations with high-end restaurants to help them reduce their residual food flows and to create a unique dining experience.

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