T’s Organic Vodka


For us, Good Taste in Vodka comes from one thing: purity. Certified Organic grains are selected by hand to ensure the best quality of our distillate. This is then harmonized with the purest water of Holland through a unique specialized process that gives our Vodka it’s signature smooth finish. Our Vodka is distilled six times in Amsterdam using copper stills, after which it is bottled into our bottle with the silver tipped feather.


At the start of this journey all we had was our own Vodka. We made one batch, and after experiencing its Good Taste for the first time we realized we needed to share this with the world. We needed an image and a name, so we started from the essence of our Vodka and worked our way backwards. Our Vodka was the lightest, smoothest Vodka we had ever tasted. It tasted light as a feather: we had our image. Now all we needed was a name to go with it. In Holland, there is a bird whose name translates to “ice bird”, its Latin name being Alcedo Atthis. What better way to combine our featherlight taste with the cold ice that’s used to enjoy Vodka than through this bird? We used it’s beautiful blue colors on our bottle design, and used the last bit of its name to create ours: T’s.

Tale of two brothers

As two brothers who grew up in Amsterdam, we have seen that there are many ways to have an unforgettable time. You can have a small group of friends get together, a large party of people you’ve never met, or an intimate dinner for two on a warm summer night. We wanted to create something that tastes so good, it could embrace and enhance all of those moments. We are confident that we have done so with our Vodka. All you need to start is a bottle of T’s – what happens after is up to you.



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