Stan de Haas – Belevingsarchitectuur & Fotografie


Stan de Haas is the designer of the term ‘perception architecture’; Making an artistic translation of the sensory perceptions. Whether it’s about a design for an interior, swimming pool or hotel; Experience and storytelling are at the heart of creative design. Thanks to a sophisticated combination of light, sound, temperature, scent, movement and taste, every space tells its own story that will appeal to and move your guests.


Stan de Haas is specialized in designs for hospitality, wellness and leisure. Each design is unique and tailored into the smallest detail to your location and specific needs of your target audience. The distinctive designs come to life through, among other things, 360 degree panoramic photos; This makes your guests feel like they are at a tropical beach, in the jungle or at the Grand Canyon. You name it! Each design calls for an entirely exclusive atmosphere; A unique individual experience for your guests is ensured with this.


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