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It was 1996 when Otello, a highly skilled pizza chef, opened his Pizzeria in a small village, San Severino Marche, in Central Italy. Superior quality of the ingredients and complete hand making process:
those were the key features upon which the success of the pizzeria had to be founded. Experiencing an increasing demand for his pizzas, Otello was now facing the challenge of making his pizzeria more efficient, reducing the workload for chefs while maintaining intact the excellence of the final product. Otello focused his efforts on the pizza dough’s preparation, the most time consuming and skill requiring step. This is where the idea of a pre-made, fresh pizza base was born. Helped by the right pinch of technology combined with tradition, Otello was able to prepare and stretch his pizza bases in the morning and keeping them fresh and ready for the evening service.

In the following year the idea proved to be extremely successful and Otello started selling his creations to local pubs and cafés. In 2008, two of Otello’s closest friends, moved to Dublin in Ireland and decided that they could use Otello’s pizza bases to be cooked and served in Street Food Festival and farmers’ markets in Ireland. With a wide culinary and business expertise, the team in Ireland, started developing a pizza concept for the Food Service Sector It was the beginning of PizzaSi, The Gourmet Pizza Business Solution:

  • Outstanding Quality Pizza Bases
  • Combined with a Smart Pizza Concept,
  • No Need of a Pizza Chef or Expensive Equipment
  • Suitable for any Food Operator, such as Hotels, Café, Restaurants, etc.
  • A Dynamic Brand, packed into a complete foodservice solution, unique catering products and dedicated support.

The hard work paid off immediately when at a Dublin exhibition “Shop 2009″ PizzaSi was awarded with the “Best Bakery Product” acknowledgement of the year. In the process Otello’s restaurant, become a MEGA PIZZERIA (as we like to call it) – a state of the art production facility where almost 100% of the production process is carried out by hand by our master pizzaiolos. PizzaSi was growing fast, closing important deals with main Hotel chains and Food Distributors in Ireland which lead to a further international development.
In March 2011 PizzaSi started operating in the UK market where the same concept has been even more successful thanks to our unique pizza bases that lead a new trend in the food service industry.

Today PizzaSi is a proud partner to many major international hospitality players in Ireland and the UK and also developing now in many other European countries. PizzaSi has been the first company of its kind!


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