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The hot Swiss

You imagine the Swiss passionless and maybe a bit stern? Then you have not met Ingwerer, a real Swiss hottie! The ginger liqueur with 24% vol. combines the distinctive sharpness of the ginger root and spices with the fruity flavour of apples. Hot, or even hotter? By shaking the bottle, the beverage gets even hotter. Go ahead and enjoy the taste ride! Yet it is not only the powerful and spicy taste of the ginger root that makes this liqueur so unique, it is also the many ways you can enjoy it: You can drink it pure and chilled or add it for an extra kick to a wide variety of cocktails and long drinks. Ingwerer is Swiss made and therefore only the best quality is acceptable. Ingwerer is manufactured according to the traditional maceration process. Fresh organic ginger, organic apple juice, organic raw sugar cane and organic spices are processed with quality distillate. And yes, Ingwerer is all vegan.

From the idea to the start up

It all started in the Swiss capital Bern. Philip, the creator of Ingwerer, was working at a restaurant, when he noticed that no true ginger liqueurs were available. Strongly inspired by the Asian cuisine, he filled this void by creating the unique and spicy Ingwerer in 2013. Together with Simon, Philip took it as step further in 2014. With little money they founded their own production and distribution company. The Swiss people fell in love with this ginger liqueur named Ingwerer and since the beginning the company is continuously thriving. Ingwerer is getting more and more attention across borders and is available today in Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna and Tokyo as well. And in case you feel the same void as Philip at your place, we will be happy to help.

Cultural commitment

Ingwerer supports cultural activities. The two founders, Philip und Simon, who met in a band, played together on stages all over Europe. The love and passion for culture and music stayed with them. That is why Ingwerer actively supports various cultural and music projects.


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