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La Pizzeria S.r.l.

We are in central Italy, in the region of Marche. We proudly produce artisan pizza bases among our best-appreciated products, you can find:

• Round and rectangular pizza bases,
• Focaccias,
• “Ciabatta” bread and round pizza bread
•Pizza with different toppings

To make our special pizza dough we use only the most genuine raw materials, give them the time to leaven naturally and handcraft the pizza with our master pizzaiolos. We can supply both FRESH PRODUCTS (T. +4/6 º C, for which we guarantee a shelf life of 60 days from the manufacture for simple bases without topping, freshly topped pizzas have an outstanding 30days of shelf life) and FROZEN (T. -18 º C with a shelf life of a year).  We handle the production process with extreme care, all our products are hand-stretched to guarantee a superior quality level to our customers.

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