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f’real (Rich Products Ltd)

WTF? (What the f’real?)

We bet that’s what you thought when you took your first sip of our REAL milkshakes, smoothies and frappés that are blended to perfection in our magical blending machines. Yep, that’s right, you’ve discovered the greatest tasting frozen beverages on the planet, blended to your liking (of course), because we know that when it comes to milkshakes, thickness matters.

Back in the day, our founder Jim had the genius idea to shake things up and create a blender that does it all, just the way you like it. That’s why our super cool blender puts the power in your hands, allowing you to pick how thick you want that shake. With over 18,000 locations over the US and Canada, you can’t miss us. So check us out and remember that whenever, whatever, & however you make it, make it f’real.

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