Dübör Nederland B.V.

Welcome to the heart of the baking world!

We are united by the wish to release.

Just like the heart ensures that all of the important functions in our body run smoothly, choosing the right, and a high-quality, release agent is vitally important for baking companies. Only the use of high-quality release agents and the most precise spraying equipment results in an appetizing, appealing end product that the paying consumers will be unable to resist. At the heart of any loving relationship is the ability to let go!

It is important to us that our customers are satisfied. The company DÜBÖR, a specialist for release agents and spraying equipment, has focused on the manufacture of a wide range of products for the baking industry since 1961. Mould and bleach, bowl and belt lubricants or the release of baked goods or confectionery from moulds: The company produces a choice of high-quality products for all baking industry applications and the most specific requirements. Gradually, DÜBÖR Groneweg GmbH & Co. KG, which is headed by its owner Horst Groneweg, grew from a small family business into an internationally renowned manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products for baking companies of all kinds and sizes.

Welcome to the world of DÜBÖR!

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