Chaud Devant

Chaud Devant has a unique history. It all began in 1993 when Bianca van der Lee was working at a restaurant in Amsterdam and the chef tore his pants. She picked them up and wondered whether there weren’t more attractive models available in the market. This gave her the idea to develop contemporary, stylish and professional chefswear. The name of the company originates from a common exclamation in French kitchens: ‘Chaud devant’, which means ‘Watch out, hot plates coming through!’.

Twenty years later, Chaud Devant has grown to be a leading trendy label for today’s chefs, kitchen brigades and service staff. Our designs are developed here in Amsterdam and then deliberately produced in Europe. They are then sold to dealers and wholesalers in more than 20 countries worldwide, including the Seychelles! Thanks to the efforts of our enthusiastic team, Chaud Devant has set the standard for the look of food service establishments in Amsterdam and far beyond. You see our chefswear in the café on the corner, as well as on TV shows and at Michelin-starred restaurants!

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