Bogowantalawa Sri Lanka Tea

Surrounded by mountains shrouded in mist and emerald landscapes, Bogawantalawa Tea Estates is a name synonymous with the rich traditions of Ceylon Tea. Nestled in the enchanting Golden Valley of Ceylon, our estates are known for producing the finest all-round climate positive teas which have become a trusted choice the world over.

Come and discover the secrets behind the making of the finest Sri Lankan tea, with its own distinctive flavours and evocative aromas.

The history of Bogawantalawa is traced back to 1869. It was during this time that pioneering Scottish planters came across a valley surrounded by mountains encircled by lush and forests, quite unlike anything else witnessed…

Coffee was initially grown here – however, with the blight that obliterated it, tea planting commenced instead. It was soon discovered that the Extremely fertile soil, elevation ranging from 4,500 to 6,000 with unique microclimatic conditions, provided the perfect terroir to produce the most exquisite teas of distinct character, flavor and body that soon became prized world over. Bogawantalawa has since been termed the Golden Valley of Ceylon Tea…!!

Every leaf is carefully handpicked by the nimble fingers of our tea pickers who have learned this intricate art which has been passed down from generation to generation at our tea plantation for over 150 years. We also take pride in the fact that Bogawantalawa Tea Estates is the world’s first tea growing, manufacturing and marketing company offering “Uncompensated Climate Positive Teas” certified for product and facility.


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