Our purpose is to build healthy ecosystems & sustainable growth for foreign innovative and/or organic brands expanding to the Dutch market. We increase shareholder, and society value and at the same time decrease our environmental footprint in all that we do.

Market Feasibility Assessment

Enter the Dutch market based on a market assessment. Who are your competitors, how big is your potential market, what local trends should you consider? What is the best market entry strategy or entry point for your products or services? We use market intelligence to help you manage your risks and get to the market quicker.

Sustainability Assessments

Do you want to become a more sustainable, or a green(er) business and promote this aspect as you enter the Dutch market? A sustainable business strives to meet the triple bottom line (benefit people, the planet & make profit). We provide a Sustainability Quickscan and develop a CSR/Sustainability strategy for clients entering the Netherlands.

Get started

Working with a strategic Dutch partner can speed up your market entry. At NedNXT we get you going at the kick-off meeting. Here we set mutual expectations, create the key milestone & a Dutch market entry plan. You get monthly feedback reports and regular online meetings where we monitor tangible results. We create Dutch sales and marketing material for you and start to connect you to Dutch customers.


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