Lemonaid Beverages GmbH

We make soft drinks how they should be. Each bottle contains only the best organic ingredients and supports fair trade. So far, so delicious.


But it’s not just the desire to slake your thirst with delicious soft drinks that drives us. We started the Lemonaid & ChariTea project to incite and shape the process of social change. With each bottle we want to make a small contribution. We want to change the world drink by drink. A little, at least. Beyond Fairtrade, every bottle purchased supports the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation. So far, we’ve raised more than € 4,000,000 which the organisation can now put to good use for a variety of social projects in the growing regions.


In the winter of 2008, we took a deep breath and went for it: quit our day jobs and transformed our vision into reality. Just like the Beatles, our business grew up in Hamburg’s St. Pauli, a bohemian and vibrant area then and now. In our kitchen there, we juiced limes, brewed tea, crushed sugar, invited friends over and clinked glasses. When all those glasses were drained, and much fun had in the process, they were ready – Lemonaid & ChariTea.
As a result of capacity problems in our kitchen, and given that little help from seasoned professionals never hurts, since the summer of 2009 a small organic company in the south of Germany has taken over the role of filling the bottles. And they do it well.


Each bottle of Lemonaid and ChariTea contains only organic ingredients and ist Fairtrade-certified.
We pay higher prices for the raw ingredients and, in doing so, we support fair, dignified farming. With the Fairtrade premium, local farmers can afford to make improvements to their own living conditions and implement community projects within their area.

We don’t just rely on international certificates and quality seals. We want to see for ourselves exactly where the ingredients come from and the hidden stories behind them. Every year, we travel to the farming regions to get to know the local farmers and their working conditions.

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